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     KT series transformer rectifier is a kind of automatic controlled transformer, used as the DC power for impressed current cathodic protection, manufactured according to IEC146 standard.

With the advantages of stable operation, high efficient, energy-saving, light weight, no noise, lighting protection, the equipment is widely used in the long pipeline, tank interior bottom and other buried and submerged steel instruction.


1.Working temperatures:  -20 ~ +50

2.AC input voltage: three phase, 400V, 50Hz
3.DC output voltage: DC 0~50V

4.DC output current: DC 0~30 A

7.Internal protection: water-proof, dust-proof and explosion-proof, IP65

8.CV/CC (You can choose freely)

9.Power failure test function of switch-off for three second and switch-on for twelve second

10.Type of cooling: transformers and thyristor components are cooled by oil cooling system, controlling system are cooled by air cooling system.

Attention: we can produce the suitable rectifier according to your request, such as the voltage and current, etc.


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