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     Cathodic protection systems require routine monitoring to ensure that adequate current is supplied to buried metallic structures. Test stations are a simple method for conducting this monitoring. CorrTech distributes a full line of pole and condulet-style test stations with proven track records for durability and ease of use. The stations are available in numerous shapes, and test lead configurations, and are made from either cast iron or high impact strength molded plastic. To address all kinds of applications, the stations can be constructed to accommodate from one to eleven test lead terminals. The terminals for all test stations offered are composed of corrosion-resistant nickel-plated brass to guarantee many years of accurate readings. Various types of mounting options are also available. The stations may be purchased with steel conduit or UV-protected polyethylene poses in various diameters and lengths, or may be ordered with special adapters for flange or vault-wall mounting.

    The condulet and pole-mount test stations offered by CorrTech are designed to be extremely user friendly. Lids on the pole mount stations remove easily, and the terminals are clearly marked for quick identification. Condulet stations do not require protective caps, and the terminals are readily accessible for testing. Both types of test stations can be selected with either prong- or banana-jack terminals. Pole mount stations are also available with built-in shunts and locking lids.


     stations are used to perform various corrosion-related electrical tests on buried metallic structures. These include structure to earth potentials, and the presence of stray currents. Pole-mount test stations, which can be selected in various color combinations, are typically used in areas where an identifiable marker is necessary. Condulet-style stations are most often installed in the vicinity of buildings or plant facilities. 


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