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Pin Brazing is an easy, metallurgical safe method of making electrical connections to steel and ductile iron pipelines as well as other metallic structures, which are to be cathodically protected or electrically earthed.

Whilst the system has major advantages over alternative systems, some of which can cause unacceptable levels of irreversible damage to the structure itself, it is imperative that operator training and equipment maintenance is to a high standard.

This paper explains the pin brazing process, the technique, the effects of this; alternative processes such as Cad Weld and also demonstrates system operation.

The Easybond unit is suitable for all types of minor installation and maintenance work. It is primarily for the occasional user who needs a simple, rugged and low cost machine. The unit is portable and easy to transport. The brazing process is controlled by means of the fuse wire on the brazing pin. The capacity is approx. 15 brazes with the smallest type of brazing pin, and it can easily be increased by a battery charger mounted in a vehicle, the batteries being charged up during transportation between workplaces. When alternating between charging and brazing it is possible to increase the capacity up to 5 times during a working day. The batteries are sealed to prevent acid spill.




Part No.



273 199 0811

Easybond unit complete

26.00 kg

273 199 0810

Pin brazing unit

3.2 kg

273 199 0780

Standard gun

4.0 kg

273 199 1360

Earth Device

1.1 kg

273 199 5020

Battery charger

3.0 kg

273 900 1870

Battery HP, 3 Required per set

4.9 kg

273 199 5040

Battery Charger for vehicle

1.5 kg

273 199 0240

Welding generator gun

4.0 kg

273 190 4680

Case, attache

3,3 kg

273 199 0680

Grinder 42V, model small 

2,3 kg

273 190 1370

Grinding burr

0.04 kg

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